OrCAD Capture Frequently Asked Questions


The OrCAD Capture FAQs have been organized into the following categories:

Allegro PCB Editor Flow
Auto Recovery
Design Reuse
Library Editor
Part Editor
Schematic Editor
Property Editor
Allegro PCB Editor
OrCAD Layout
PSpice Flow
Project Manager

Allegro PCB Editor Flow
  1. Using the POWER_GROUP property more>>
  2. Taking net properties from OrCAD Capture to Allegro PCB Editor more>>
  3. Transferring properties from OrCAD Capture to Allegro SI more>>
  4. Transferring Allegro constraints from OrCAD Capture to Allegro PCB Editor more>>
  5. How to save space occupied by invisible Power Pins on symbols? more>>
  6. Changing the concatenation order of component definition properties more>>
  7. How to control primitive names? more>>
  8. Where to find information about Allegro properties more>>
  9. How to effectively cross-probe between OrCAD Capture and Allegro PCB Editor? more>>

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  1. Prerequisite for using the Intersheet References option (1) more>>
  2. Prerequisite for using the Intersheet References option (2) more>>
  3. WARNING #18001 occurs while annotating the design more>>
  4. How to control automatic reference designator assignment on placed parts more>>
  5. Page number not incrementing automatically more>>

    1. Netnames changed in netlist more>>
    2. Backannotating from Layout to OrCAD Capture does not update the properties of all parts more>>
    3. Backannotating results in ERROR [GAT0016] Unable to change CU17 to CU12 because CU17 was not found more>>

    1. Annotating the design does nothing more>>
    2. Design will not annotate more>>
    3. Differing intersheet page references more>>
    4. Device-specific Annotation more>>
    5. CAP0023 error when placing hierarchical block more>>

    1. Unconditional and incremental annotation in OrCAD Capture more>>

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Auto Recovery
  1. Additional information regarding the DBK file, or backup file for OrCAD Capture designs more>>

Design Reuse
  1. Copying the contents of a design into a new design more>>
  2. DSM0006 error appears when trying to save a OrCAD Capture Release 9.1 or v7.2 file as a v7.0 file more>>
  3. Error: [DRC0030] Page name greater than 8 characters more>>
  4. Problems archiving library files with a project more>>
  5. Problems when archiving project: Archive Error: Unable to copy file more>>

  1. Checking for duplicate part references more>>
  2. Error finding VHDL files during Design Rules check more>>
  3. How do I track nets with multiple names? more>>
  4. DRC0007 error: "Net has no driving source" on power pins more>>
  5. DRC0008 error concerning off-page connectors more>>
  6. DRC0024, DRC0025, and other related errors when running DRC more>>
  7. DRC0006 and DRC0007 warning on buses more>>
  8. DRC0026 error regarding part reference and package type more>>

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    Library Editor
      Custom Parts
      1. Title Block properties regarding Page Count and Page Number more>>
      2. Updating the cache after modifying a library part more>>
      3. Creating a custom part from a library part more>>
      4. Title block does not appear in library more>>
      5. Titleblock missing from library more>>

      Part Editor
      1. TLK0008 copy data to the clipboard failed more>>
      2. Changing the visibility of pin names or pin numbers more>>
      3. Long pin number moves toward part body when placing part on schematic page more>>
      4. Changing font style and size for pin number or name on a part more>>
      5. Verifying pin assignments more>>
      6. Problems copying a single part to a new library more>>
      7. How do I turn Snap to Grid off in Part Editor? more>>

    Schematic Editor
    1. Updating part properties in a design from library properties more>>

    2. Schematic Part Editor
      1. Why power pins sometimes have gray connection squares more>>
      2. Displaying or printing a hierarchical block path on a page in a complex hierarchy more>>
      3. Adding or modifying properties using more than one matching property as update criteria more>>
      4. Objects are placed off grid after moving a group selection more>>
      5. Moving groups of objects causes undesired results more>>
      6. Problems when assigning package property numbers greater than 126 to pin groups more>>

      Property Editor
      1. Net connectivity recalculations too slow in designs with large buses more>>
      2. Changing the Revision Code or Revision Number on all pages at once more>>
      3. Cannot change name of off-page connector more>>
      4. Deleting wire contained within boundaries of hierarchical block more>>
      5. Bus does not connect to hierarchical port more>>
      6. How to set up the order of the columns in the property editor more>>
      7. Setting order of schematic nets in the property editor more>>
      8. Changing package designators while placing a part more>>
      9. Rotating title blocks in a schematic more>>
      10. Editing the reference designator through the text element more>>
      11. Copying Layout and net properties in OrCAD Capture more>>
      12. Problems placing a hierarchical block, error CAP0019 more>>
      13. Hierarchical attachments and referenced child schematic pages more>>
      14. Mixing power symbols with off page connectors to designate global nets more>>

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  1. Properties not getting included in the export file (.exp) more>>
  2. IMP0023/IMP0010 errors while creating an export file (.exp) more>>
  3. ERROR IMP0018: (Line #) Line has more fields than previous HEADER line more>>
  4. Export a design in PDF more>>
  5. ERROR[IMP0001] (Line#) Page not found. more>>
  6. Is it possible to import several EDIF designs into OrCAD Capture at the same time? more>>

  7. DXF
    1. How do I import DXF files into OrCAD Capture? more>>
    2. Unable to export a design in DXF format more>>
    3. Invalid path error when exporting to DXF more>>

    1. Versions of PCAD that can be imported into OrCAD Capture more>>

    1. Pin numbers not appearing correctly when exporting EDIF to Xilinx 2.1 more>>

    Part and Pin Properties
    1. ERROR IMP0010: (Line #) Unrecognized object type or object not found; must be one of PARTINST,PININST,...... more>>
    2. Exporting and importing library properties more>>
    3. Error when updating properties more>>
    4. Importing parts as multi-packaged devices more>>
    5. Exporting and importing properties between OrCAD Capture and Excel more>>
    6. Using Generate Part to create an FPGA more>>

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  1. Unable to open Microsoft MSDN C code development documentation after installing OrCAD Capture more>>
  2. Adding VHDL samples more>>
  3. Changing language format of the Title Block text more>>
  4. Why is the Find command much slower in OrCAD Capture ver. 10.3? more>>
  5. Annotation gets reset for an external design more>>
  6. Copying and pasting schematic page contents to a Microsoft Word document more>>
  7. Error while plotting from OrCAD Capture more>>
  8. Changing font and font-size of pin names in part library more>>
  9. Problem while wiring parts more>>
  10. Problem while accessing Online Help (.chm) file from a machine on network more>>

    Allegro PCB Editor
    1. ERROR(305) while importing netlist to Allegro PCB Editor more>>
    2. Unable to create Allegro PCB Editor netlist more>>
    3. ALG0036 error while creating an Allegro PCB Editor netlist more>>
    4. Netlisting and back annotation using OrCAD Capture or OrCAD Capture CIS with Allegro PCB Editor more>>
    5. Some clarification on Allegro netlisters in OrCAD Capture more>>
    6. Unable to gererate a third-party Allegro PCB Editor netlist from the Accessories menu is OrCAD Capture more>>

    OrCAD Layout
    1. MNL0024 error while creating a OrCAD Layout netlist more>>
    2. Update COMPSIDE using Auto ECO/Override Coordinates more>>
    3. Passing net widths from OrCAD Capture to OrCAD Layout more>>
    4. MNL0019 error while creating an OrCAD Layout netlist more>>

    1. OrCAD Capture crashes with ERROR:XLT0009 creating PSpice netlist more>>
    2. No PSpice menu in analog or mixed signal circuit project more>>

    1. Passing generics in a VHDL netlist by using attributes on schematic parts more>>
    2. VHDL files not getting merged when creating a VHDL netlist in OrCAD Capture more>>
    3. Errors importing an OrCAD Capture EDIF netlist into Xilinx v2.1i and 3.2.05i more>>
    4. Errors when creating an EDIF or a VHDL netlist more>>
    5. Warning : [Load112] "no entity or package named" when generating a part more>>
    6. Issues with instance and occurrence properties when creating a VHDL or an EDIF netlist more>>
    7. Error trying to generate part from a VHDL netlist or model more>>

    1. Error while creating a netlist in OrCAD Capture 9.2.3 more>>
    2. Controlling text-case of hierarchical pins in a verilog netlist more>>
    3. Netlist not getting generated correctly more>>
    4. Blocking a schematic part from going to a netlist more>>
    5. Determining the pin count in a design more>>
    6. Carriage return in property value causes XLT0009 error more>>
    7. Getting [NET0004] or [NET0006] errors when trying to create a netlist more>>
    8. FMT0012 Can't open first output file more>>
    9. Error when creating netlist more>>
    10. FMT0023 error creating a netlist. The design also contains parts with bus pins. more>>
    11. Identical net aliases at different levels of hierarcy more>>
    12. Which netlist to use for viewing the connections to different parts on the design? more>>

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    1. Behavior of offsets in printing or plotting more>>

PSpice Flow
  1. Deleting property from the PARAM part more>>
  2. Error while invoking Model Editor from OrCAD Capture more>>
  3. PSpice project opens in text editor instead of project manager more>>
  4. Opening PSpice (ver. 7 or 8) schematic files in OrCAD Capture more>>
  5. Using OrCAD Capture 10.0 and PSpice Studio together more>>

Project Manager
    Project Type
    1. Setting up your default project type for new projects more>>
    2. Programmable Logic Wizard is not enabled after install. more>>

    1. How can I force OrCAD Capture to use a specific initialization file? more>>
    2. Product configuration more>>
    3. No design processing functions available on the Tools menu more>>
    4. Problems using a capture.ini file in a specified location more>>
    5. Bias point displays appear off-page more>>

    1. [BOM0019] Include file match key not found partRef, line lineNum. more>>
    2. Bill of Materials (.bom) file doesn't contain title block information more>>
    3. Ext0011 Unable to write file error message while trying to create Bill of Materials more>>
    4. Issues with heterogeneous parts, user properties, and the Bill of Materials( BOM ) more>>

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