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The OrCAD Capture CIS FAQs have been organized into the following categories:

CIS Configuration
Database Issues
Part Management
Place Database Part
Report Creation

CIS Configuration
  1. Error while launching CIS Explorer more>>
  2. Duplicate entries for Table and field names in CIS Configuration database more>>
  3. Getting ICA property name error when configuring the database. more>>
  4. Alternate footprint is not displaying more>>
  5. Error while configuring the CIS database more>>

Database Issues
  1. My CIS configuration file has data as type ""number"" while in Excel the same data is type "text" more>>

  1. Unable to use Oracle ODBC connector more>>
  2. Inconsistent behavior or errors from the ODBC data source occur during configuration or while accessing data more>>
  3. Cannot find the ODBC administrator in Windows 2000 more>>
  4. Oracle ODBC driver recommendations more>>
  5. Difference between User and System DSN tabs in ODBC administrator more>>

Part Management
  1. Unable to see the new part type that I created more>>
  2. Properties in design not updated after updating the part status in the part manager more>>
  3. PCB footprint getting overwritten during update part status more>>

Place Database Part
  1. Error while placing a database part more>>
  2. Error #8020 while placing a database part more>>
  3. Unable to place database parts from the Active Parts website more>>
  4. Troubleshooting 8012 errors in CIS more>>
  5. Adding libraries so CIS can match the database symbol information with a real library part more>>
  6. Viewing Layout Footprints using OrCAD Capture CIS more>>
  7. OrCAD Capture CIS continually asks for the location of the database more>>
  8. Error Attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end more>>
  9. Placing part a second time crashes OrCAD Capture CIS more>>
  10. Part symbol doesn't display in CIS explorer more>>
  11. Unable to save a database part while placing from the Active Parts website more>>

Report Creation
  1. Crystal report not generating properly more>>
  2. OrCAD Capture CIS crashes when generating standard CIS bill of materials for a hierarchical design more>>
  3. Crystal Reports version numbers for a given OrCAD Capture CIS version number more>>
  4. Where CIS standard BOM template information is stored more>>
  5. Standard Bill of Materials report crashes OrCAD Capture CIS more>>
  6. Missing option to "Export the BOM report to Excel" more>>

  1. Using PLM system database with CIS Explorer more>>
  2. Changing product selection order in Studio Suite Selection dialog box more>>
  3. Linking datasheets more>>
  4. Saving Part manager information to a file more>>
  5. Restoring views in CIS Explorer more>>
  6. Losing Design Variant information when saving to UNC path-defined location more>>
  7. Program version ID does not match license more>>