Problems using a capture.ini file in a specified location

I have setup Capture to look for the capture.ini file in a specified directory by using the -i switch when establishing the Capture short-cut on my desktop. When I try to execute Capture using this short-cut, I get an error similar to:

TLK0015 "Unable to open 'pathname'\Capture.ini for writing. Capture.ini will be written to the Windows directory.

What am I doing wrong?

If your filename has spaces in it, be sure to enclose the filename in double quotes (").

Alternately, you can use the MS-DOS 8.3 abbreviated format for the name, as shown below:

"C:\Program Files\OrCAD\CAPTURE\CAPTURE.EXE" -i c:\progra~1\orcad\capture TLK0015, short-cut, capture.ini, target directory, unable to open

Document number: CAP03028
Applies to: Capture ver. 9.2, 9.1, 9.0; CIS
Created on: 3/31/2001
Last modified: 04/23/01

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