nsWare Custom IDF Export

nsWare Custom IDF Export

This program allows export of more than one placebound per footprint for import into PTC ProEngineer or FreeCAD.


Using FreeCAD a STEP model of the board file can also be exported. Program works on all tiers of OrCAD and Allegro PCB Editor.


FreeCAD can be downloaded for free at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/free-cad/  
FreeCAD IDF import plugin can be downloaded at: http://nordcad.dk/download/Teknik/download/FreeCAD_IDF_plugin.zip


Once package is downloaded place the files idf.py and init.py inside FreeCAD0.12\MOD\IDF folder

Version Requirements: 
OrCAD and Allegro PCB Editor 16.5 and above, PTC Pro Engineer or FreeCAD for Custom IDF Import
Plug-In Type: 
OrCAD PCB Editor