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Nordcad official sponsor of Norwegian Align Racing

Nordcad became familiar with Align Racing in Norway in 2017, and a cooperation was quickly established. Now Nordcad is sponsoring and supporting the Align Racing team in their pursuit of designing a formula race car.


Align Racing is a group of 65 students from the University of Agder in Norway. The large team is working hard on designing and making a formula racing car for the Formula Student UK Silverstone 2018.


In the design phase, Align Racing is using OrCAD, sponsored by Nordcad, for the entire design- and simulation process.


The race car is being build both mecanically and electronically, and the close integration to mecanical CAD tools helps the mecanical- and electronics students work closely together and be very efficient in designing the perfect solution for the race car.


Nordcad has provided Align Racing with OrCAD courses for a number of students, supporting and developing their design capabilities. Throughout the project, Nordcad will also provide the design team with training and support to help them reach their goal of having the race car compete in the Formula Student UK Silverstone event later this year.


Nordcad is thrilled to be on the sidelines and cannot wait to cheer on the entire Align Racing team!





Follow Align Racing’s journey here


The effectivity of OrCAD allows Align Racing to simulate, do schematics and PCB design in a very short period of time. This will help us get the race car ready for Formula Student 2018!


Harald Moldsvor, Team Leader, Align Racing

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