PCB Design Data Management

You have enough challenges on your task list; manually tracking, managing, and validating your PCB Data shouldn't be one of them.

Take Control of Your PCB Design Data

The process of designing a PCB generates a tremendous number of files and data that needs to be tracked, managed, and shared. Best-in-class companies use tools like OrCAD to provide built-in, intelligent CAD-aware data management capabilities to get to market faster with fewer errors*

*Aberdeen study

Never Lose a File or Miss a Revision Again

With native file & change management built into OrCAD you can make revision control and tracking changes an automated part of your design process. Always know you are working on the latest version and have immediate access to the complete change history when needed.

Always Have Access to the In-Stock, Approved Parts You Need

It just takes one library error or out of stock component to put the halt on a project. OrCAD provides the managed library environment you need to ensure you are always selecting from accurate, up-to-date parts with live distributor and supply integrations, automated NPI flows, library versioning, and automated design to library verification built in.

Native Collaboration, Tracking, and Reporting Built-In

Get away from tedious status meetings and hard-to-track email chains with real-time project dashboards that provide up-to-date views into project status on-demand. Easily collaborate with your design team and stakeholders such as manufacturing, mechanical, and supply chain with automated notifications or through light web clients for on-demand access to relevant updates and data.

Complete, Integrated PCB Design Data At Your Fingertips

Permissions Based on Role

Automated Notification Workflows

Content Display Based on Role

Keep all stakeholders on the same page with automated notifications and workflows.

Parameterized Contextual Search

Live Part Status and Parametrics

Symbol and Footprint Preview

Alternates / Second Sources

Multi-Distributor Search

Search Criteria

Real-Time Supply Chain Data in Search Results

Project Hierarchy

Design Status

Version History

Full Change History

Graphical Compare

Quick Sync Status

Configure Derived Files

Save Configurations in a Template

Generate a Single Version Controlled Package

Assign Projects and Pages to Users

Track Progress

View Status

Enable Read-Only Review At All Times

Permissions Based on Role

Automated Notification Workflows

Content Display Based on Role


Design Data Management Resources

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