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哪一款SI 产品更适合您?


OrCAD® PCB SI还是OrCAD Signal Explorer?


OrCAD Signal Explorer 是OrCAD PCB SI的基础版本,并且包含在OrCAD PCB Designer Professional产品套装中。


OrCAD技术拥有不同的产品配置以提供不同层面的功能来满足您预算、设计流程以及功能的要求。比较OrCAD PCB Designer Standard和OrCAD PCB Designer Professional来决定哪一款产品套装更符合您的需要。




Signal Explorer



Signal Integrity Simulation
Transmission line simulation

Reflection, crosstalk, and delay simulation

Graphical topology editor



Lossy transmission lines

Coupled (3 net) simulation

Custom Stimulus


Topology append


Generate estimated crosstalk tables from OrCAD PCB Editor*


Detailed simulation reports from OrCAD PCB Editor*


Coupled (>3 net) simulation


Differential pair extraction from PCB Editor*


Differential pair extraction from OrCAD Capture


Current probes


Multi-terminal block boxes in topologies


Custom measurements


Post-layout selection from OrCAD PCB Editor*


Crosstalk simulation from OrCAD PCB Editor*


Differential pair exploration and simulation  

Differential signal constraint capture  

Constraint development and capture of topologies  

Wide band analytical via model generator  

* OrCAD PCB product license required