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Right-first-time design with the constraint-driven flow in OrCAD

As engineers, we’re really good at finding mistakes. While it’s easy to find problems at the end, and frequent mid-cycle checks and fixes help shorten design cycles, it’s much harder to design right the first time. No matter how early you find and fix errors, you’re still doing rework every time a rule check fails.


What if we stopped fixing mistakes, stopped making mistakes? Then we’d never have to experience the trauma of starting over again.


The in-design constraints in OrCAD make the dream of right first-time design possible.

Real-Time Heads-Up Display While Designing

Failing a rule check when you think you’ve finished a design is one of the worst feelings for a PCB designer. Designs are so interconnected and interdependent that even a small error can set off a cascade of changes. With real-time visual cues in OrCAD, you’ll know every trace, every object, and every net meets your stringent constraints as you design, not after. A heads-up display shows your constraints in context so you can achieve your goals, instead of just telling you when you’re not. And OrCAD itself is constraint aware. OrCAD follows your constraints when using the auto router and other automated tools.

Unique, Powerful Rules in an Easy-to-Use Environment


Your board is complex, but managing constraints needn’t be. Different regions and layers of your board need different constraints. Managing constraints in OrCAD is easy with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. You can reuse constraints for common objects types like DDR3 and DDR4 memory, and across all your designs. A weak set of rules can create a dangerous false sense of security. OrCAD gives you a comprehensive set of constraints to avoid signal and power integrity issues, mechanical troubles, physical problems, and fabrication errors in your designs

Simulation-Driven Constraint Definition

Generic guidelines will always be overly restrictive and conservative. You’re never going to push the boundaries of what’s possible by following the same rules that bound the previous generation of designers. The advanced simulation tools from Cadence help you to do what everyone else thinks are impossible.  Analyze your design and develop constraints unique to you, and bring those constraints into OrCAD so that you can bring your designs to life.

OrCAD Constraint-Driven Flow Highlights
Row 1
Feature 1
Single Constraint Environment

Create and manage constraints a single constraint manager throughout the design process with no constraint translation

Feature 2
Real-Time Feedback

Receive immediate constraint pass/fail feedback as the design progresses with real-time DRC engine

Row 2
Feature 3
Constraint Re-use

Save and reuse constraint sets on future designs to improve productivity and predictability of your design team

Feature 4
In-Design DFM Check

Reduce rework and shorten design cycle by running manufacturing DRC in-design during the design process

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