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Creating a Do Not Install list for components that are not populated


I would like to create some variants for my Capture schematic to mark certain components as Do Not Install (DNI). I do not have Allegro Design Entry HDL or Capture CIS, and there is no easy way to do this in Capture. How can I define some of my components as DNI?


To define DNI components:

  1. In Capture, select the component(s) you want to designate as DNI, right click, and select Edit Properties.
  2. Select New Property in the Property Editor.


  3. In the Add New Property window, add the property and value, then click OK. The property will be added to the components.


  4. Save the design.
  5. You will need to edit the allegro.cfg file to pass the property. In the Create Netlist window, select Setup.


  6. Select Edit in the Setup window.


  7. In the allegro.cfg file, add the property name to the[ComponentDefinitionProps] section and add =YES to pass the property.


  8. Apply and OK the forms, then create the netlist.
  9. In Allegro/OrCAD PCB Editor, you will need to set up the property definition prior to reading in the netlist. To do this, select Setup — More — Property Definitions (OrCAD PCB Editor) or Setup — Property Definitions (Allegro PCB Editor).
  10. Add the name of the property, press the Tab key to populate the right pane, select the elements to which the property will be attached, and set the data type (STRING).


  11. Apply and OK the form. You can now import the netlist.
  12. In the board, use File — Properties (OrCAD PCB Designer) or Edit — ​Properties (Allegro PCB Editor) to add the property to components you do not want populated (if this was not already done in Capture).


  13. Select Check — Properties (OrCAD PCB Editor) or Display — Properties (Allegro PCB Editor).
  14. In the Graphics tab, filter on User Defined.
  15. Select the property on the left to move it to the right.
  16. Set the Text block and turn on display of the Property Name, if desired, then select Create.

    This will add graphics to the design to denote which components are not populated.


  17. Use the attached extracta file to create a report that shows the DNI components.

A DXF file can be created that shows the DNI components.