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Creating a drawing using OrCAD PCB Editor Documentation Editor does not reflect the units used in the OrCAD PCB Editor board file.


When I create a new Documentation Editor drawing using the New from Wizard button, the units in the Layer Stack-up are displayed in MILS, whereas the units in the OrCAD PCB Editor board file are in Millimeters (MM).

How can I change the units in the Documentation Editor package?


The import of a design file in IPC-2581 format in Millimeters does not trigger Documentation Editor to change the units to Millimeters. The default units are determined by the selection of the start-up file. When you open Documentation Editor directly, without using the New PCB Wizard, you have an option to choose the start-up file and select the “Millimeters Units.bps” start-up file.

To change the units after the Wizard has created the drawing, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Home ribbon.
  2. Select Options.


  3. In the Options dialog box, select Drawing > Dimentions > Measurement Units and then select the units you will like to have in the drawing. You can also set the precision value.


  4. In the Auto-update Templates dialog box, select the sheets and sheet elements to which you want the new units to apply.

If you set the default units to Millimeters in the Options dialog box and then save this to your profile, the drawings created by the Wizard will default to Millimeters.

To save the settings to a profile, select Environment > General in the Options dialog box and then click the Save As button. When prompted for a profile name, use any string to save the settings to a profile that will be recalled on startup.