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How to create a smart PDF from OrCAD Capture CIS


How can I create a smart PDF from OrCAD Capture CIS?


To create a smart PDF using OrCAD Capture CIS, configure the PDF utility.

For 64-bit machines

Perform the following steps:

  1. Download the attached file for that contains the below-mentioned files:
    • capPdfUtil.tcl
    • gs906w64.exe (ghost script installer for 64-bit machines)
  2. Install the postscript driver.
    1. Open the Control Panel.
    2. Go to Add a printer > Add a local printer.
    3. Select Use an existing port. From the drop-down list, select FILE : (Print to File).
    4. Select Xerox from the Manufacturer list and select Xerox Phaser 6120 PS from the Printers list. Then, click Next.
    5. Select Use the Driver that is “currently installed".
    6. Give it a printer name, such as “CAP_PDF”.
    7. Select Do Not Share this Printer.
    8. Uncheck Set as Default Printer and click Finish.
  3. Install the ghost script using the attached EXE.

    For this, right-click gs906w64.exe and select Run as Administrator. This ghost script will be installed in C:\Program Files\gs. If not, then locate its install location. Confirm that you have gswin64c.exe in <ghost_script_install_location>\ gs9.06\bin.

    When you use the attached file, the location of gswin64c.exe will be C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.06\bin.

    Note: Install Ghostscript driver (9.15 or later) for Windows 8.1.

    Now, copy this location and add it at the beginning of the PATH variable. You can find the PATH variable as follows:

    1. Right-click My Computer and select Properties > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables.

    2. Under the System variables section, locate the PATH variable and edit it to add the above pointer at the beginning of the PATH variable.

  4. Configure the PDF utility.

    1. Go to <Cadence install location>\tools\capture\tclscripts\capUtils. You will find the capPdfUtil.tcl file here.
    2. Rename this file to capPdfUtil_org.tclbak.
    3. Place the attached TCL file at this location.
    4. Invoke Capture. Highlight *.dsn and browse to Accessories > Capture TCL/Tk Utilities > Utilities > PDF Export.
    5. Change the Postscript Driver to “<printer name assigned in step 2-vi>”. In this example, the name “CAP_PDF” is used.


    6. Select Ghostscript / equivalent in the PS to PDF converter field.
    7. Click OK to create the PDF.

The above procedure is a one-time configuration. From next time, you only need to select Ghostscript / equivalent and click OK to generate the PDF.

For 32-bit machines

Perform the following steps:

  1. Download the following drivers from the web:
    1. Postscript driver
      • Adobe PS driver (free)
      • Microsoft PS driver (free)
      • any other, like from HP
    2. Postscript-to-PDF converter
      • Ghostscript (free)
      • Acrobat distiller (commercial)
      • Any other that supports pdfmark


  2. Extract the file or any other file that you have downloaded (in step 1.a).
  3. Run winsteng.exe and perform the following steps:


    1. Select Local printer.
    2. Select FILE : Local Port.
    3. Select Browse.
    4. Select the location where *.PPD files were extracted in the first step and click OK.
    5. Select Acrobat Distiller.
    6. Select Not Shared.
    7. Select No in Print test page.

    For more details, refer to <install_dir>\tools\capture\tclscripts\OrCAD_Capture_TclTk_Extensions.pdf.

  4. Run gs871w32.exe.

    After the installation, by default, a "gs" folder will be created in C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.71\bin. Add this path to the PATH environment variable.

  5. Launch Capture and highlight *.dsn in Project Manager.

    1. Go to Accessories > Capture TCL/Tk Utilities > Utilities.
    2. Select PDF Export.
    3. Select Ghostscript under PS to PDF Converter and click OK.

WARRANTY: NONE. Programs under Accessories > Cadence Tcl/Tk > Utilites are written as "shareware" and are available as is and might not work as advertised in all environments. THERE IS NO SUPPORT FOR THESE PROGRAMS.

NOTE: You are strongly advised to back up your designs and/or libraries before running these programs.

This solution only works in release 16.6.