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How to display a user-defined property in OrCAD PCB Editor


I have added a user-defined property for a part in OrCAD Capture CIS, created the netlist files, and imported the logic in OrCAD PCB Editor. I have placed the components and would like to display the value of the user-defined property. How can I accomplish this?


To display the value of the user-defined property in PCB Editor, perform the following steps:

  1. To check whether the property has been successfully imported, select Display — Element. Select only Component in the Find filter and click on the component.

    The Show Element window will show the user-defined property. In the following screenshot, the property is attached to the component instance.


  2. Select Display — Property.
  3. In the Show Property window, select the Graphics tab.
  4. Click the Filter button, then select User Defined. The user-defined properties will be listed on the left hand side under Available Properties.
  5. Select the desired property and bring it under Selected Properties.
  6. Click Create.


  7. The user-defined properties will be displayed under Manufacture/Properties subclass. Make this subclass visible from Display — Color/Visibility to see the property on board.

Note: To understand how to transfer user-defined properties of parts or nets in Design Entry CIS - PCB Editor flow, refer to article 20349984.