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How to generate report in ISCF (Intel schematic compatibility format) from Allegro Design Entry CIS (Orcad Capture CIS) version 16.6


How can I generate a report in Intel schematic compatibility format (ISCF) using Allegro Design Entry CIS (OrCAD Capture CIS) version 16.6?


You can activate this feature in 16.6 from ISR#66 onwards by running the following command from the Capture command window:

  1. Go to View > Command window.

  2. Enter the following command in the Capture command window:

SetOptionString EnableISCF TRUE

  1. Hit Enter.

  2. Restart Capture.

Note: Now you can see an entry in Capture.ini (Present at %Home%\cdssetup\OrCAD_Capture\16.6.0\) under [Preferences] as EnableISCF=TRUE.

In Capture, go to the main menu and select Tools > Reports > ISCF. This opens the ISCF Export dialog box. Provide the following information:

Input Design: Browse to the .dsn file.
Output File: Define a location for the ISCF file.
Log File: Define a location for the log file.

Click OK.