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How to generate report in ISCF from OrCAD Capture CIS in release 16.6


How can I generate a report in Intel schematic compatibility format (ISCF) using OrCAD Capture CIS) in release 16.6?


You can activate this feature in 16.6 from HotFix 066   onward by running the following command from the Capture command window:

  1. Go to View > Command window.

  2. Enter the following command in the Capture command window:

SetOptionString EnableISCF TRUE

  1. Hit Enter.

  2. Restart Capture.

Note: Now you can see an entry in Capture.ini (Present at %Home%\cdssetup\OrCAD_Capture\16.6.0\) under [Preferences] as EnableISCF=TRUE.

In Capture, go to the main menu and select Tools > Reports > ISCF. This opens the ISCF Export dialog box. Provide the following information:

Input Design: Browse to the .dsn file.
Output File: Define a location for the ISCF file.
Log File: Define a location for the log file.

Click OK.