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How to import a bitmap file (BMP) into OrCAD PCB Editor


I have a logo as a bitmap file (BMP), and I want to import this into Allegro PCB Editor. How can I do this? Can I import other formats such as JPEG, PDF, TIF, and EPS also?

How can I import image files into Allegro PCB Editor?


This command is only available in Symbol Editor. Only .bmp files are supported. 

Importing the logo


  1. Start an OrCAD PCB Editor session and create a new mechanical symbol drawing (*.dra) file.
  2. Select File > Import > Logo (import logo command).


  3. Browse to the logo that you would like to import. Only .bmp files are supported.
  4. Set the Class/Subclass where the logo will be added. The default is Board Geometry/Silkscreen_Top.
  5. Select the Import or OK button to import the logo near the drawing origin.

    You can select the image size by checking or unchecking the Preserve the original dimensions of the image box.
    Clicking ViewLog will show the log file contents stored in your current working directory.
    Clicking Cancel will abort the import and close the form.

    If you want to move the logo to a different location, you will need to window around the lines and select an origin. The logo can then be moved to the desired location. You can also change the drawing origin by going to Setup > Change drawing origin.

  6. Save the mechanical symbol so that the bsm and the corresponding dra file are generated.

Placing the imported symbol on a board file in OrCAD PCB Editor


  1. Copy the mechanical symbol (bsm and dra file) file in the working directory.
  2. Open the board layout in PCB Editor.
  3. Select Place > Manually. This will open the Placement dialog box.
  4. In the Advanced Settings tab, check the Library box in the List construction section.


  5. In the Placement List tab, choose Mechanical symbols from the drop-down menu. The mechanical symbol for the logo present in the working directory is displayed in the list.


  6. Choose the symbol for placement. Right-click and select Done to complete the command.

You can also download and install the attached zip file (, which is a Raster to PCB Editor translation program (RATA). After using the translation program, the plot file can be imported into PCB Editor using File > Import > IPF.

Note: The program was provided by a Cadence user with permission to share with other Cadence users for converting a simple bitmap file into an PCB Editor plot file (.plt).

Important!: The program is provided "As is" and is not supported by Cadence.

The following third-party program can read raster images (BMP, JPEG, and so on) and convert them to DXF format that can be imported into PCb Editor using File > Import > DXF: