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How to see "not stuffed" parts in BOM report?


There are few parts in the Allegro Design Entry CIS (Capture CIS) design for which I would like to mark as "not present" or "Do Not Stuff" in the BOM report. Is there any way by which I could indicate these parts in BOM report?


In Capture CIS, you can set a part as not present in design variants. For this, you need to create Variants in the design. In Variants, then you can set a part as "Set as Not Present" or "Set as Present". User can then generate a CIS BOM of this variant or a Variant Report, and if a part is "Set as Not Present" in that Variant, it will come up as "Do Not Stuff" in the report.

Download the attached video file which shows the basics of:

  1. Creating Variants in Part Manager
  2. Setting a part as not present in a variant
  3. Creating report (CIS BOM) of the variants.

You can find details on using Part Manager, Creating Variants and Creating CIS BOM in cisug.pdf. This document is present at <install_location>\doc\cisug\cisug.pdf.