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Running a DRC in OrCAD Capture CIS


How to run a DRC using a Tcl script in OrCAD Capture CIS


Turn on Tcl journaling by going to Options > Preferences > More Preferences. Under the Command Shell category enable the Journaling check box:

After this is done, any task done in Capture will result in the corresponding Tcl command to be printed in the Capture Tcl window.

You can save these commands and rerun them any number of times. For example, to run a DRC the command is:

​Menu "Tools::Design Rules Check" | DialogBox  "OK" "C:/Users/bforsse/AppData/Local/Temp/CAPTURELOG/Wed_Mar_08_10_52_08_2017/Design Rules Options_1.xml"

Save the xml file that is created (for example, F:/temp/drc/ Design Rules Options_1.xml).

Run the DRC command by typing it in the Capture Tcl window as follows:

Menu "Tools::Design Rules Check" | DialogBox  "OK" <xml file path>


Menu "Tools::Design Rules Check" | DialogBox  "OK" “F:/temp/drc/ Design Rules Options_1.xml”

Similarly, you can run a command for the following functionality:

  1. Run Annotate to re-paginate the title blocks
  2. Run Annotate to re-paginate the cross reference tags
  3. Run a DRC
  4. Generate a netlist
  5. Generate a CIS BOM
  6. Archive the schematic source files