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Unable to view the footprint using 'Footprint Preview' in Component Information Portal (CIP)

Error Message

I clicked the Footprint Preview button in Component Information Portal (CIP) running inside Capture, as highlighted in the following snapshot:

However, I got the following error message:

Error: Allegro Footprint not found


The error message says that the tool is unable to find the Allegro footprint that you are trying to preview. The reason is that the path to the Allegro footprint is not set in the capture.ini file.


To resolve this error, set the Allegro footprints in capture.ini by performing the following steps:

  1. Close the Capture application.

  2. Open the capture.ini file, located at %home%\cdssetup\OrCAD_Capture\17.2.0, in a text editor.

  3. Look for the section called [Footprint Viewer Type]. If this section does not exist, add the following section at the bottom of the capture.ini file:

[Footprint Viewer Type]
[Allegro Footprints]
dir0=<path to directory with Allegro footprints>

You can locate the Allegro symbols for the parts present in CIP, at the CIP installation location. In the case being discussed, it is as shown here:


Add this directory under the [Allegro Footprints] section, as shown in the following snapshot:

Note: The CIP-E folder is created on installing the starter library. Allegro_Library is the folder inside CIP-E that contains the Allegro symbols.

Note: If you have more directories, you can add more directory statements (dir1, dir2, and so on, as shown earlier).

  1. Save the capture.ini file, then invoke Capture and open CIP. Click the Footprint Preview button and you will be able to see the footprint.