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liying liu
There being a boom in the overall PCB industry in China

The hot August has witnessed an extraordinary boom in the PCB market of China.
With half a year gone, there is appearing a wave in the PCB industry to show their own performance report. According to The Sixteenth Ranking List of the PCB industry released by CPCA which can be called a list of weight, among which 137 PCB enterprises, 12 copper-clad enterprises, 15 material for special use enterprises, 9 special chemicals enterprises, 9 facility and instrument enterprises for PCB special use and 4 environmental protection and cleaning enterprises were enlisted with an honor of enterprise with over RMB 1000 million. As You Li, the president of CPCA, said, the year 2016 was a year full of challenges as well as pains for the manufacturing industry in China. Faced with the complex and varied economic conditions, people in the PCB industry fought their way and made great achievements. The total business revenue of the PCB industry in the list amounts to RMB 164.216 billion, an increase of 2.76% compared with that of 2015, among which domestic-funded enterprises maintain a high increase rate of double digits. Of all enterprises on the list, 94 enterprises maintain a positive growth rate and 67 enterprises are domestic-funded ones, and many star-level quality PCB enterprises are at the top of the list.
Nevertheless, achievement is only a matter of the past and many domestic enterprises are actively adjusting transformation and improving themselves. It is firmly believed that the overall industry will turn over a new leaf in a couple of years. It’s no exaggerating to say that this July is destined to be a month of “burning hot”.
A wave of cooperation is blowing in China in terms of both domestic cooperation and cooperation with overseas enterprises. There is no doubt that these newly built factories are not a matter of copying the old ones but is an upgrading and improvement of technology and equipment. Faced with new challenges, enterprises need new ways to cope with them. They are trying to get rid of the traditional path of “investment – expanding production – growth - investment” and break through the old thinking patterns to rebuild the business pattern and pursue a road of growth with innovation and great inner strength.
As the old saying goes, one will rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength. In 2016, the PCB industry in China has made the best achievement among the overall global PCB industry with not only the largest scale but also good economic efficiency, and the overall industry chain is making fundamental changes. As long as grasping the opportunity of industrial upgrading well, in the future, China’s PCB industry is certain to enjoy a stable and rapid development and actively expand the market under the driving force of the overall industry.