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OrCAD PCB Designer

OrCAD X Free Viewer

Physical viewer with visibility and functionality

Share and view design data

The OrCAD X Free Viewer lets you share and view design data from OrCAD Capture CIS, PCB Designer and Advanced Package Designer easily on your Windows platform without a license.

Your design teams can access read-only versions of all design files created in the tools listed to easily review and track the progress of a design.

Key Benefits

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Increase Efficiency

Use intuitive tools to measure, mark up, cross-probe and review designs on the desktop.

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Enhance Communication

Open and view high-resolution designs and share changes with your extended team and stakeholders, even if they don’t have the original design software.

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Measure & Print

Measure dimensions for more accurate communication and experience the same print fidelity as the original design software.

What’s In Your Download

Capture CIS
Schematic Entry

Open a project (.opj), schematic design (.dsn), or library (.olb).

PCB Designer
Analog & Mixed-Signal Simulations

Open a board file (.brd), design partition (.dpf), module definition (.mdd) or symbol drawing (.dra).

Advanced Package Designer
Augmented Reality Toolkit

Open a package design (.mcm/.sip), module definition (.mdd), symbol drawing (.dra) or package partition (.dpm).

Download Now

Complete this form to download the Cadence OrCAD X Free Viewer that allows you to view and plot databases from OrCAD Capture CIS, PCB Designer and Advanced Package Designer.
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