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CIS Quick Start

A shared searchable component database has numerous advantages, however the time, effort, and expertise required to setup these systems tends to be a deterrent for many design teams. The CIS Quick Start App allows OrCAD CaptureCIS customers a way to realize the full power of their software investment with an automated way to implement a component database.


This App Includes:
- Microsoft Access Database
    - Populated with CIS Parametric Data
    - Predefined database schema based on the best practices from 100's of CIS implementations
- Associated Component Data
    - 1000 device starter library
    - OrCAD Capture Schematic Symbols
    - PCB Editor Footprints
- Predefined Capture INI and Database configuration files
- Automated ODBC connection creation utility

Version Requirements: 
OrCAD Capture CIS 16.5 and above, Microsoft Access 2003 or above
EMA Design Automation
Plug-In Type: 
OrCAD Capture