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High-Speed PCB Design, Constraint Management, PCB Layout Tools

High-Speed PCB Design, Constraint Management, PCB Layout Tools

You’re proud of your work, and you should be. The electronic designs you create impact all of our lives, but go unseen by most. That’s why it needs to be perfect. You need to balance creativity, productivity, and old fashioned getting things done. As an engineer, designing printed circuit boards is a core function of your job. You need the best PCB design tool to get it right, and the best PCB design software to get you from PCB prototype to PCB manufacturing. OrCAD, powered by Allegro®, Sigrity™,  and PSpice® , gives you the real-time feedback you need to create something you can be proud of.

For simulation and signal integrity checks for high speed PCB design analysis, use OrCAD software with intuitive PCB design & layout tools.

Customer Stories

Leading companies from around the world in every industry are using OrCAD to solve today’s complex engineering problems every day.

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Key Features

Professional PCB Design, Board Layout & Routing

The Allegro engine powers OrCAD and your productivity. PCB layout and high-speed routing are no match for your skills, and a little real-time electronic design feedback from the tool. With OrCAD, you can produce a manufacturable board design faster.

PSpice Simulation Circuit Analysis

Analyze and verify your analog and mixed-signal electrical circuits with the advanced PSpice simulation tools in OrCAD.

OrCAD Capture Schematic Entry

OrCAD Capture is the easy to use circuit schematic drawing capture tool for designing electronics

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