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What is a circuit schematic diagram?

A schematic diagram is a graphical representation of electronic circuits or systems connected together to convey the circuit’s function. The diagram displays important information such as, electronic symbols, part numbers, connections, component values and more.

What are series & parallel connections in a circuit schematic diagram?

Components in a circuit can be connected either in series or parallel. If all the components are connected one after another, then it’s known as a series connection where the current will be the same within the entire loop. When components are connected parallel to each other, there ends up being multiple loops, where the current flow can be different within the loops.

What are schematic symbols?

Schematic symbols are pictorial representations of different types of electrical components or functions that help convey your design intent. Common components you may have heard of are resistors, capacitors, batteries, diodes, wires and more. For example, the symbol for a capacitor is represented by two parallel lines.

What is a breadboard used for?

A breadboard allows you to quickly prototype your circuit to make sure it’s functioning the way you want it to by letting you quickly add and remove components and wires without needing to solder.

What is a circuit simulator?

A circuit simulator allows you to test and analyze the behavior of your circuit for various conditions in a virtual environment. You can test the output, noise, bandwidth and yield just to name a few. This helps you save on cost and development time.

How do you convert information from a schematic to a PCB?

Your schematic software can automatically convert logical data to be used in your PCB software. For example, symbols are automatically mapped to footprints, wires become connections or rats between components, and net labels are translated to nets. Using third party outputs most schematics can be loaded into any PCB software.