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OrCAD Library Builder Webinar - 16.6-S048 Release Update

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OrCAD® Library Builder is an automated solution for part creation. Advanced PDF datasheet extraction drives schematic symbol and PCB footprint/land pattern creation, eliminating traditional error-prone manual processes and creating accurate component libraries in a fraction of the time.

Join Senior Technical Expert, Ron Smith, as he discusses and demonstrates the new user interface and features of OrCAD Library Builder, designed to simplify and increase efficiency during the library building process. 


What you will learn:

  • How to use Schematic Symbol Creation Assistant to help guide you through the symbol creation process
  • How to create schematic symbols from various PDF file formats
  • Validating your extracted data to meet your schematic syntax requirements
  • Verifying symbols and footprints
  • Plus more!




  • Webinar
  • 16.6-2015