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PSpice User Community

PSpice User Community provides a one-stop destination for PSpice users to get access to PSpice related information, webinars,  videos, technical documents, PSpice models and many more! Whether you are a hobbyists, student, startup, small business or medium to enterprise level organization, PSpice online community is built for you to explore, learn and help you grow in the electronic design world.


 User Forum

Official Forum to ask and get questions answered, exchange ideas and build and grow your network.


 PSpice Models

Get access to an extensive PSpice Model library of more than 33,000 models as well as parameterized models from various IC vendors.


 Dedicated PSpice Resource Library

Resource library offering a wide variety of resources from videos, demos, webinars, live and virtual workshops, datasheets, etc.


 PSpice Industry Applications

See how PSpice is leveraged in different industries, so users can use PSpice to find design problems ealier, save time and cost.