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Actemium E&A

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Elroy van der Schoot
Eisenhowerweg 39
5466AB Veghel, NB
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We provide in-depth advice and project delivery, sustainable solutions, reliable equipment / machinery and service and maintenance in accordance with current standards and guidelines in the field of control technology. This makes us a very flexible and dynamic and we can adequately respond to your needs. Because we do not depend on one or more manufacturers, we can both technically and economically advise the most suitable solution to your needs. We have a extensive network of suppliers from which we are able to buy components at very competitive prices while building quality installations. The dynamics of your process has been reflected in the demands on your suppliers. Actemium has proven to be an excellent partner with extensive knowledge and skills in a high-level consultancy, integrated design, realization, implementation and maintenance of: Machine controllers and line Mechatronics, PCB (printed circuit boards), Measuring and testing systems, Module Construction, Panel Construction (prototypes and serial), Power control cabinets, Assembly work.