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CA Design

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Carol Chandler
6114 Teaberry Ct
San Jose, CA 95123
United States
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How CA Designs Skills and Services Can Benefit You: Regardless of the complexity of your PCB design project, we will meet your challenge head-on CA Design has been in business for over twenty years, so you can rest-assured that we are a reputable company and your design needs are in capable hands Your project will be executed by a senior designer-CA Design does not employ junior designers We ensure that your parameters and requirements will be wholly met You are guaranteed a high-performance design that is accurate, functional, and designed for manufacturability CA Design provides efficient and quick turn-around, which means the product can get to market faster! You get the best bang for your buck-we specialize in high-quality, low-cost designs Our customer communication is world-class, so you will always know the status of your project We offer a total solution that extends beyond PCB design layout to include fabrication and assembly CA Design can provide training to meet nearly any learning preference through iLearn PCB Layout Courses, e-DVD training, or live instruction.