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Prevent Costly Errors with Real-Time PCB Design

PCB design is always changing, and not for the easier. You’re constantly being asked for more; more tech, more productivity, more efficiency. Except for when you’re being asked for less; less cost, less time, less space. OrCAD is here to help. Real-time feedback helps you find and fix errors and helps you complete those complicated routes with ease. OrCAD is reinventing PCB design.


Avoid Signal Integrity Issues on Your High-Speed PCB Designs

High speed signal integrity issues are no longer just a problem for an elite class of designs; we all deal with high speed designs on a near daily basis. OrCAD is bringing powerful tools you can use to resolve signal integrity issues in all your printed circuit board designs. Analyze signal impedance and manage constraints while designing for differential pairs, configure backdrilling, and even account for the length traveled between layers on the z-axis and from the package to the pin.

Find and Fix PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Errors

Each new technology in your designs comes with new design for manufacture and assembly rules; the problems of PCB DFM cannot be overcome by experience alone. OrCAD makes it easy to define manufacturing rules and gives you the power to run design for fabrication, assembly, and test checks in real-time while you design, not as a batch after you’re done. By finding errors earlier, you can fix them earlier, and get your design done earlier with less stress and finger pointing.

Bend, Flex and View Your Board in 3D to Ensure Mechanical Fit

PCBs aren’t 2D; you need a 3D design environment to complete your 3D PCB designs. Designing in 3D with OrCAD makes placing your components, verifying bend and flex, and ensuring mechanical fit a breeze.