Improve Productivity with Design Reuse

You already know that you can minimize design errors and get to market faster by reusing your existing verified technology. Reusing your proven design IP saves you the time and burden of designing each project from scratch. An easier way to take advantage of the designs you’ve already completed will help you streamline your PCB design process and improve your productivity, so you have more time for creating.

Boost Your Productivity with Interactive Routing

Easily meet electrical, mechanical, spacing, manufacturing requirements while completing complex routes in dense boards with real-time visual cues to help you avoid rule violation.

Replicate Modules and Apply Them to Your Design

Managed design ruse modules help you improve design productivity, reduce errors and get to market faster with verified technology without the nasty aftertaste of copy and paste.

Make Changes to the Master Circuit with a Hierarchy

Hierarchical schematics allow you to organize your system by specific function making it easy to efficiently reuse, review, or edit your schematics.

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