Design Reliable and Robust PCBs

Your PCB designs need to be electrically, mechanically and thermally dependable. To optimize your designs for cost, manufacturability, and reliability you need to make informed decisions. DFM rule checks and advanced real-time analysis allows you to create reliable boards that have a long durability and work optimally right from the start.

Find Components that are Likely to Fail

Create more reliable designs that won’t fail in the field. Smoke analysis ensures that all components in the circuit are working within safe operating limits.

reliability based design optimization

Visualize and Resolve Coupling Issues

Identify and resolve coupling issues within your design prior to production. Easily manage the signals in your design and eliminate coupling issues yourself, without bothering or waiting for your SI expert.

decoupling capacitor

ISO 26262 Certified

OrCAD and PSpice are part of a complete integrated environment for design engineers to validate the safety specifications against individual circuit specifications for design confidence.

circuit reliability

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