Customize Your PCB Design Experience

Customization is a key factor in maximizing productivity, which is why OrCAD makes it possible for you to customize your environment to suit your unique and ever-changing design needs. Simply tailor your environment to easily access the tools you use the most so that you can streamline your design process. Whether you’re rearranging panels, incorporating shortcuts, configuring toolbars and icons, or simply changing the theme – you can make OrCAD your own.

Accelerate Your Productivity

Easily open and access multiple projects within a single panel.

Get notified of errors and warnings within your schematic in real-time as you design.

Easily rearrange toolbars and docked panels to suit your needs.

Quickly navigate through multiple tabs to find what you need.

Quick project creation helps you capture and validate your design intent.
 Simply leverage real-time feedback to quickly resolve design errors and seamlessly transfer data between your CAD tools. It’s now easier to streamline your design process and design better products at a quicker pace.

Modern, Yet Intuitive and Easy to Use

OrCAD’s modern user experience puts all the powerful tools you use every day right at your fingertips. No digging through obscure menus to find critical features, and no jumping between tools to find valuable design information and insights.

View up-to-date meta data for any part and simply right-click to place symbols within your design.

One Click Place

Click to navigate to an error or warning within your design to quickly resolve the issue.

One Click Place

Get granular control over objects by customizing your visibility pane for each individual design.

One Click Place

Instantly navigate between your schematic and PCB editor so you can quickly debug your design, organize components, select nets and more.

One Click Place

Utilize tool tips to help you through your design process and see information about errors or objects as well.

One Click Place

Design Complexity Simplified

It’s easy to design efficiently with an integrated solution. You don’t have to manually update and pass changes between your schematic and PCB editor tools, nor do you have to leave your design environment to navigate distributor websites in search of the right part.

Customizable Workflow

Easily rearrange and dock toolbars and panels to customize your workspace and improve your productivity.

Real-Time Feedback & ECO

Online design rule checks (DRCs) help you easily identify and fix issues within your schematic as you design in real-time. And the seamless integration between your schematic and PCB editor allow you to pass ECO updates bi-directionally.

Unified Parts Search and Libraries

Access thousands of up-to-date electronic parts and models within your design environment, and easily place accurate symbols on your canvas with one click. Simply focus on designing, not browsing datasheets looking for part data or creating symbols and footprints.

Design Reuse

Reuse proven design IP to save the time and burden of designing each project from scratch.

Hierarchical Design

Organize your schematic by specific function making it easy to efficiently reuse, review, or edit your schematics.

DFM Rules Wizard

Easily create and assign constraints for manufacturing based on IPC standards and common PCB rules.

Download Now

Download the latest version of OrCAD–Powered by: OrCAD Capture, PSpice Simulation, Sigrity Analysis, and Allegro Layout–now, and try it for yourself. See how OrCAD can help you boost your creativity, productivity, and plain old getting things done.