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OrCAD Free Trial

OrCAD Trial provides full version of the latest release of OrCAD electronic design software solutions for free for a limited time, including OrCAD Capture CIS, OrCAD PSpice Designer, OrCAD PCB Designer Professional, OrCAD Sigrity ERC, and more. Download OrCAD Free Trial now to have a full evaluation of all OrCAD tools with no functionality limitations. 

Download OrCAD Now

Have questions about OrCAD Free Trial?  Contact your local OrCAD Channel Partners 

OrCAD / Allegro Free Physical Viewer

The Cadence® OrCAD® /Allegro® FREE Physical Viewer is a free download that allows you to view and plot databases from OrCAD PCB Editor, Allegro PCB Editor, Allegro Package Designer, and Allegro PCB SI technology. 

If you are using new features from the OrCAD / Allegro platform 17.2 release, you will need to download the latest OrCAD / Allegro FREE Physical Viewer 17.2

Download your FREE Physical Viewer today:

Download OrCAD/Allegro/SIP/MCM FREE Physical Viewers

Reads designs for versions to 16.x and 17.2. Requires Windows 64bit OS 7 or newer.

Download OrCAD/Allegro/SIP/MCM FREE Physical Viewers

Reads designs for version 15.x to 16.6. Requires a Windows OS

Download OrCAD/Allegro FREE Physical Viewer 15.x 

Reads designs for versions 14.x, 15.0, 15.1 15.2, 15.5, 15.5.1, and 15.7; runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP only

OrCAD / Allegro Starter Library

The OrCAD® / Allegro®  Starter Library 1.0 is a free library that includes  OrCAD Capture schematic , Allegro Design Entry HDL and Allegro Design Entry CIS symbols along with OrCAD / Allegro PCB Editor footprints and the necessary component properties. It is designed for new customers who are evaluating or implementing a Cadence PCB flow or wanting to build a fully compatible library for use with the OrCAD / Allegro family of PCB design tools. A documented catalog of the OrCAD / Allegro Starter Library contents, as well as sample specifications used in the development of the library is available in Adobe .pdf format.

The OrCAD / Allegro Starter Library is provided as a zipped archive, which includes:

  • OrCAD/Allegro Starter Library Installation README
  • OrCAD/Allegro Starter Library Catalog

  • OrCAD/Allegro Schematic Symbol - Sample Specification

  • OrCAD/Allegro PCB Editor Footprint - Sample Specification

  • OrCAD/Allegro Starter / Evaluation Library

Download - OrCAD/Allegro Starter Library package

OrCAD PSpice Schematics Installer

General development and support for the OrCAD PSpice® Schematics product has been discontinued. We will, however, continue distribution of PSpice Schematics as a download as an aid to our customers who wish to continue using it.  (NOTE: Schematics can only be run on 32-bit Operating Systems; Windows 7 and earlier).

You are strongly urged to fulfill your simulation circuit entry needs with OrCAD Capture.

Please contact your local Cadence Channel Partner for information on moving to OrCAD Capture.

Download the PSpice Schematics Executable ver 16.6

Download the PSpice Schematics Executable ver 16.5

Download the PSpice Schematics Executable ver 16.3

Download the PSpice Schematics Executable ver 16.2

Download the PSpice Schematics Executable ver 16.0

Download the PSpice Schematics Executable ver 15.7

CIS Admin Tool for OrCAD CIS

If your OrCAD Capture CIS designers work in a multi-user networked environment, you can leverage CIS functionality for easier management of your group's part and footprint libraries and files you can browse. Placing libraries and files in a designated location forces all engineers to pull information from a central source. This not only promotes data integrity, since all users are getting part information from a common source, but also eases the burden of administrating libraries.

Download the FREE CIS Admin Tool ver 10.x

Download the FREE CIS Admin Tool ver 16.2

Note: All OrCAD® downloads require a valid email address. The product downloads are available free to all OrCAD customers. In some cases you will be asked to complete a brief form. The links below will redirect to the OrCAD downloads on cadence.com.