Seamless 3D Rigid-Flex & ECAD/MCAD Collision Detection

As a PCB designer, you’re the one everyone gets mad at if the board doesn’t fit in the enclosure, no matter how little space you’re given to work with. But when you can get the board to fit the first time, without paper dolls or prototypes, suddenly you’re the hero. By viewing your designs in interactive 3D, you can easily visualize how your board will flex and bend to ensure proper fit and function. The 3D interactive canvas lets you visualize your end-product in 3D as you design in real-time with greater accuracy.

Accurately Route Evenly Spaced Curved Traces at any Angle

Efficiently route contours and arcs through bends and corners in your PCB designs. Create reliable flex circuitry and maintain the signal integrity of your advanced board designs.

Real-Time 3D Component Placement and Movement

Consistent features between the 2D and 3D canvases helps make designing easier. Mouse and component coordinates are shown just like in 2D, but with the Z axis.

Real-Time Interactive 3D Rigid-Flex Bending and Folding

Bend and fold your rigid-flex boards in 3D to see how your design comes together for assembly. Run collision checks and visualize the end product while you save time and work more efficiently.

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