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Integrated Front-to-Back Constraints for Right First Time Designs

Capturing and meeting all the constraints in your PCB design doesn’t have to be a manual process. You need the confidence that you’re meeting your design rules and achieving your design goals throughout the entire design process, all the way to fabrication. With a constraint-driven design flow, you can easily capture your design rules and visually verify that they’re being met in real-time as you design so you can get your designs done faster and with less stress at sign off.

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Quickly Find and Track Rule Violations to Resolution

Find and fix any DRC violations early in your design cycle. Automate checking the logical and physical integrity of your overall design with the DRC browser.

Use Real-Time Visual Feedback for Validation Checks

A heads-up display provides easy to understand instant visual feedback to help you identify and resolve even the most complicated design rule issues with ease.

Front-to-Back Constraints

Seamlessly communicate design intent from schematic to layout by defining electrical rules during front-end design. Eliminate the need for unnecessary iterations, shorten the overall design process, and ensure success.

Real-Time Design for Manufacturability

With a full suite of DFM checks including Design for Fabrication (DFF), Design for Assembly (DFA), and Design for Test (DFT) running in real-time while you design, you’ll complete your design fast and signoff with confidence.

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