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Simplify High-Speed PCB Design

The high data rates in modern high-speed PCB designs are what allow you to create magical devices. But maintaining the signal integrity (SI) of your high-speed PCB designs is a challenge. Left unchecked, issues like crosstalk, impedance, delays, coupling, and timing constraints will negatively affect your design’s performance. Generating new designs with minimal re-spins and strong functionality is key to keeping costs down and meeting deadlines. High-speed PCB designers need to easily analyze, simulate, and resolve SI issues inside their native design environment. OrCAD makes it possible to get functional designs to production fast.

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Easily Manage Blind & Buried Vias in HDI Designs

Create, place, and easily reuse blind and buried via stacks in all your HDI and high-speed PCB designs.

Visualize and Resolve Coupling Issues

Identify and resolve coupling issues within your design prior to production. Easily manage the signals in your design and eliminate coupling issues yourself, without bothering or waiting for your SI expert.

Use Real-Time Constraints to Meet Dynamic Differential Phase and Length Rules

Easily meet length and phase constraints as you design. A heads-up display provides real-time visual feedback to help you complete difficult high-speed routes with ease.

Visualize and Resolve Impedance Issues

Easily identify and resolve signal impedance issues by analyzing critical nets on your own and discover root cause spacing problems so you can get your PCB designs to production even faster.

Effectively Communicate Backdrilling to Manufacturing

Easily define backdrilling requirements and accurately communicate them to your manufacturing partners to optimize the signal integrity of your high-speed PCB designs.

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