Ensure Design Manufacturability

The biggest challenge you face every day as a PCB designer lies in balancing your manufacturing requirements and meeting your technology goals. Your PCB designs exist beyond the digital world; testing your board to identify potential problems prior to fabrication is important to reduce costs. Dramatically reduce back-and-forth with your manufacturing partner and avoid costly re-spins and field failures by validating design manufacturability at design-time instead of post-design. 

Manufacturability Checks

Stop redesigning what you already thought was done. Improve your design productivity by running manufacturability checks while you design instead of ripping up all your traces and doing it again when you run checks as a post-design process.

Streamline Your Documentation Process

Convey everything needed for error-free manufacturing by efficiently documenting your design process. Track the latest versions of your PCB layout in case any engineering change orders occur.

Deliver Manufacturing Data Files Using IPC-2581

Promote innovation and minimize development costs with a standardized singular output file. Remove the vast number of files necessary for manufacturing and easily communicate design intent with a comprehensive file.

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